First BSHU shoutout

The first ever BSHU in-toon shoutout.

Ballsoharduni1, or BSHU, is an active captioner.  Born on August 22 of 1994, he joined the contest recently and as a result has 0 wins, but has picked up a whopping 10 Honorable Mentions as of this publication.  He is known for his love of the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles, as well as the Maryland Terrapins and Arsenal Football Club. He also holds the distinction of being the youngest full time captioner, although he grudgingly admits that Mongo's 3 year old son is the youngest ever.  His main captioning influence is Jeff Saint, whose captions BSHU loves to critique and harass Jeff about.

Honorary DiplomasEdit

Inspired by the users satknights and mapmant80, BSHU created his own 19th hole award.  In it, he hands out diplomas to what are, in his opinion, the top three captions of the day.  The top captioner receives a PhD, the second place captioner receives a Master's Degree, and the third place captioner receives a Bachelor's Degree.

Ball So Hard UniversityEdit

A presigious university founded by Terrell Suggs (Baltimore Ravens' linebacker) and quickly taken over by the captioner BSHU.  All captioners are on full scholarships to the university.  The mascot for the university is the Cartoon Diploma, as voted on by other captioners.  The university tragically remains without a mascot and motto.