Owner of the world's largest fictional dentist empire, DMorrisssey Dental. His interests include music, Pokemon and Derek Jeter. Used to be a buzzer beater master, but lost his touch once the contest was moved from Fandom to Trending.


Dmorrisssey is a die hard Yankees and Jets fan. He may be from New York, but the Knicks never were in his blood. Instead, he likes the Lakers and the Heat (yes it is possible) He also roots for the New Jersey Devils of hockey, the Duke Blue Devils in NCAAB, and exciting games in NCAAF. Dmorrisssey's favorite Yankees are Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera and his favorite Jet is Darrelle Revis. Thanks to Mark Sanchez and the caption contest, it has been very hard for dmorrisssey to stay loyal to his Jets, but he manages.

In the Caption ContestEdit

Dmorrisssey started captioning in January 2012.

Dmorrisssey is known for many many many buzzer beaters. However he has not had one since February 2013.

Dmorrisssey also has many many many entries for the Well Sung award, likely because he has a great passion for rock music. He has had several music counters including AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Aerosmith.

Dmorrisssey also started a Pokemon counter that many other captioners took part in.


In the summer of 2012 Kurt Snibbe funded a dentist empire for dmorrisssey, naturally called Dmorrisssey Dental. Even though dmorrisssey has not gone to medical school, he accepted Snibbe's gift and has become the greatest fictional dentist in the world. None of his patients ever get cavities because he doesn't have any patients, but 0 cavities is still a good record. One day dmorrisssey hopes to sell his dentist empire to the Steinbrenners and own the New York Yankees. This way he won't have to pay 5 dollars to eat a hot dog at Yankee Stadium.