His username basically describe what he does. He's In_4_Win. (Secondary Account is In-4-Win)

Caption Contest Replacement Refs

That's the only ref signal you won't see being made for the Browns tonight.


Born In Cleveland, Ohio, on (Date will remain censor. No one shall know my birthday!), he was born in a middle class family and is a fan of the Cleveland Browns, Indians, Cavaliers and Lake Erie Monsters. He is also a fan of Kent State Basketball and Football, Ohio State Basketball, and the Slovenian National Soccer Team. 

Caption Contest Mayan

Didn't you also Predict that JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf would be great quarterbacks?

Captioning Stats and InfoEdit

Most Posts in One Day - 420 (431 if you include the after buzzer posts)

Poster of the Double Bubble (Double Bubble originally created by Dragonlord)

3rd in Caption Cup Standings for March 2013

Has Won 3 Caption Contests (First one was ironically Mocking the Browns Offense)

Banned 5 times (4 spamming, 1 for accidental drug reference)

Caption Contest 2K MLB

2K? Isn't that the Marlins Lineup's total salary?

Winning CaptionsEdit

1. "That's the only ref signal you won't see being made for the Browns Tonight." 1st Caption Win

2. "Didn't you also predict that JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf would be great quarterbacks?" 2nd Caption Win

3. "2K? Isn't that the Marlins Lineup's total salary?" 3rd Caption Win