Hailing from Austin, Texas, mapant80 or Map-Man is a regular captioneer who also administers the daily "Brilliant Award", given daily to captions that Map-Man deems to be particular clever in association with the toon of the day. He is one of the 1st two Captioneers to post over 100 comments in one day, quadival being the other. He welcomes as many new captioners as possible, loves to point out any shoutouts in each day's toon, as well as helps handle the "After Buzzer" games and activities, such as "Tag Team", "Welll Sung" (originally a Cityofrain, and when he's not on the board, and the "Unsung Hero" (originally by cbt711 or TheLucky711). He compiles and post the "Daily Doubles" with the assistance of fellow Captioneers who are kind enough to spot them for his record keeping.
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